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View From the Top: Unleashing the Power of Zixi

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In the dynamic world of video streaming, 媒体机构一直在寻求高效和经济的解决方案来管理他们的大规模实施. The solution that has revolutionized the industry is Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP®) powered by the Zixi Protocol and Zixi’s ZEN Master Control plane. 成本效益来自各种各样的优化和总拥有成本(TCO)优势 Zixi has developed.

Gordon Brooks Zixi


Like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, TCO analysis must start with foundational requirements.

Unfortunately, many media companies suffer from upside down thinking. They start at acquisition cost and never fully look at the total picture. As you will see below, solutions that utilize an Open Source Protocol are assumed to be the most cost effective, but when fully analyzed are very expensive and inefficient. True North is monetization which is not likely to occur or be optimal without QoS and QoE. 如果没有充分分析成本和盈利的全部堆栈,就会产生颠倒的思维,无法实现收益或不太理想.



Unmatched Compute Efficiency: Zixi的SDVP与Zixi协议的计算效率是采用低效率协议(如开源产品)的替代解决方案的14倍. 这种提高的效率在降低与管理现代广播器的大规模实现相关的复杂性和成本方面起着关键作用. 这种计算效率提供了更可持续的工作流程,与其他行业选项相比,只需要7%的计算需求,从而显著节省成本. Zixi’s SDVP now also runs on ARM Processors, including AWS Graviton 2/3, which gain an additional 50% cost and energy savings over Intel.

Reduced Infrastructure Requirements: The superior efficiency of the SDVP eliminates the need for excessive virtual machines, leading to substantial cost savings. By requiring fewer virtual machines to handle the same workload, organizations can significantly reduce operations costs, including compute, engineering, operations and energy consumption.

Bandwidth Optimization: The SDVP, powered by the Zixi Protocol, 通过两个关键机制提供带宽效率:空包压缩和视频感知. 这些功能帮助媒体机构在保持视频质量和产生预编码比特率后解码的同时,平均减少50%的带宽消耗和传输流输出成本.

  1. Null Packet Compression: By compressing null packets, Zixi minimizes the amount of data transmitted over the network, resulting in significant bandwidth savings. This compression technique reduces unnecessary overhead, optimizing bandwidth utilization without compromising the quality of the video stream.
  2. Video Payload Awareness: The SDVP is video aware, 允许它检测视频的内容有效载荷,并在暴风雪或黑夜等场景中检测和压缩不必要的数据包. This reduction in bitrate requirements translates to lower bandwidth usage and, consequently, decreased costs associated with network infrastructure and data transfer.
  3. Transport Stream Egress Cost Reduction: The Zixi Protocol, in combination with Zixi’s SDVP, provides on average a 50% reduction in transport stream egress costs. 这种优势源于协议在确保可靠传输和纠错的同时优化视频传输的能力.
  4. Reconstructed at Decode: Since compression, not elimination, occurs for efficiency, the payload is exactly the same at decode as it was prior to encode.

By cutting the transport stream egress cost in half, Zixi enables broadcasters to allocate their resources more efficiently, redirecting budgetary allocations to other critical areas. This cost reduction can have a profound impact on the TCO of video streaming implementations.

Media Processing: Zixi’s live transcode capabilities can be used anywhere in the media supply chain, to process and normalize content for consumption.

  • On Premise
  • Cloud
  • At the edge

This allows bit rates to be optimized, 由于高比特率,当流遇到业务合作伙伴或准备供观众消费时,生产信号会减少. In live events, 线性工作流可以利用低比特率板来最小化高比特率编程事件之间的出口成本. 紫溪的SDVP允许媒体处理,在运输和出口成本方面具有最大的成本效益, while still providing broadcast quality streams.


As media organizations move to IP and Cloud based workflows, it becomes obvious that architectural design drives project economics. Point to point calculations are not relevant as workflows scale.


  • Individual point to point and Virtual Machine (VM) versus Zixi Broadcast clusters.
  • Unit cost per stream and processed services managed at scale.
  • Hybrid infrastructure that marries on-premises, direct network connections and the cloud.
  • Managing the value of redundancy. Tier 1 content versus Tier 3, and what is the commercial value assigned to a program’s SLA.

Zixi的SDVP允许对所有可用的IP基础设施进行最佳利用,以最大限度地减少计算和出口成本,同时通过少量增量投资为规模增长提供基础. Multi-cloud deployments are supported, allowing optimized egress rates across vendors while providing network diversity for redundancy.


Legacy program channels multiply exponentially as they convert to IP streams. More takers generate more revenue, 但是,跨各种技术技能集管理现有百家乐软件需要力量倍增器. A software defined SaaS solution gives finite resources the ability to hyper scale.

Take the recently announced FOX and Zixi Affiliate Program. Implementations like FOX start with a few hundred affiliates/channels, but once you add primary and secondary ingest, intra-cloud, 眼睛在玻璃上监控的流,然后出口的主要和次要流,最终的数量是3个,000+ streams. That is unmanageable without the SDVP and ZEN Master.

Time is Money: how fast can a technical deployment be rolled out? How agile is it through the change process? How easily can phase 1 be extended to phase 2? How do you build a modular tech platform across the media enterprise that is future proof?

System interoperability: Modern workflows and technical work streams utilize many vendors across the media supply chain. 建立的互操作性最小化了部署风险,并确保减少了传统的项目时间表.

Zixi’s ZEN Master Control plane allows for rapid deployment measured in hours not weeks. It provides integration and control access to devices, 跨不同环境的系统和服务,使测试能够转移到部署中,所有涉众和供应商都能够从单一的事实来源工作. 紫溪赋能网络的400多个技术合作伙伴为任何一组用例提供了最佳的选择.


Once a project is rolled out the operational phase becomes critical. How many new tasks have been created? How do operational and technical resources orchestrate workflow individually and between teams?

Monitoring aspects: 随着100个频道和1000个流的传输,每个运营商覆盖10-12个频道的传统“眼睛盯着玻璃”方法变得站不住脚. Exception based alerts driven by telemetry are the new normal, and only when there is an issue does the system alert generate a call to action.

Incident and Root Cause Analysis (RCA): Knowing there is an issue naturally is followed by where it is and how to resolve it. This leads to a large, 多学科团队需要一个共同的视图和工具集来确认和纠正问题,同时提供所有相关的遥测和日志来验证分析. Zixi的智能数据平台(IDP)与ZEN Master一起使用多对象相关分析(MOCA)来查找相关性,并自动生成可编辑的钻取RCA,提供所有相关的遥测, 图形和日志的快速解决,而不需要去一个多学科和多供应商寻宝.

The industry average for RCA of a given program channel is $500k per year. 能够减少RCA中的原始时间和百家乐软件暴露,并允许系统根据当前百家乐软件进行扩展,这意味着可以将重点放在内容创建和受众参与上,而不是人员配置上.


Engineering Subject Matter Experts (SME) in broadcast video, networking, security and cloud are inherently scarce and expensive. 这意味着在一系列学科中通报和调动这些百家乐软件比以往任何时候都更加重要. Detailed telemetry, 日志和报告使中小企业能够有效地与公司内部和内部团队进行互动,而不会产生偏见, 使用单一的事实来源并解决问题,同时实施保障措施以防止未来再次发生.

Migration to IP and the cloud with live video is a new and specialized engineering skill set. From production to distribution the expertise required in any given workflow varies. 拥有一个统一的软件定义平台,可以实时高效地同步工程规程,从而更快地解决问题,同时允许团队在全球范围内覆盖操作规模. The streaming workflows are deployed at divisional, regional and global levels and require the diverse technical resources to design, implement and commission the streaming roll out as well as prepare for operational hand off. Zixi’s ability to use scripting, APIs and multi-vendor integrations allows this process to be highly agile and rapid, while utilizing engineering resources most efficiently and effectively.


Migration to IP and the cloud requires a single, unified software defined platform that spans the transformation from legacy deployments to modern, advanced IP based workflows for higher quality content, FAST channels and enhanced viewer experiences.

Zixi’s SDVP supports the media and entertainment industry’s migration across major use cases:

  • Satellite rationalization
  • OTT
  • D2C
  • 5G
  • Multicast to STB

带有Zixi协议的SDVP提供了一系列令人印象深刻的好处,直接有助于管理大规模视频流实现的组织的成本效益和TCO优化. With its unmatched efficiency, reduced infrastructure requirements, bandwidth optimization and transport stream egress cost reduction, Zixi empowers media companies to maximize their resources, minimize expenses and deliver high-quality video content reliably. By leveraging Zixi’s cutting-edge technology, organizations can embrace a future where cost-effectiveness and operational excellence go hand in hand, opening up new possibilities for growth, innovation and enhanced live video streaming experiences.

230 3rd Avenue, Suite 3203
Waltham, MA 02451


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