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How to Add Zoom Participants in vMix as Clean Inputs

随着vMix 27的发布,Windows制作人现在可以在vMix中获得干净的Zoom会议输入. 最重要的是,vMix 27的高清用户无需支付额外的预付费用或每月订阅费, 4K, Pro, or Max license. All that is required is to download the Zoom Plugin for vMix. Here's how it works.

Review: JW Player

本评论将重点介绍JW Player在线视频平台,并探索其点播流媒体, captioning, web player capabilities, and other features. It will walk viewers through using the platform, including the core features like uploading videos, importing streams, 以及在媒体库中创建播放列表并配置媒体播放器, as well as more advanced features. It will also discuss testing done using the platform.

Decoding the Landscape: Recent Developments in Video Codec Licensing

在不断变化的视频编解码器许可世界中导航可能很复杂. This article breaks down major IP-related events from the past 18 months, including the new European SEP licensing rules, Avanci's new video patent pool, and the Sisvel-RPX deal. Explore who's making deals, what technologies are involved, and the implications for royalty-free models

All the News That’s Fit for FAST

新闻广播是FAST发展最令人兴奋和增长最快的领域之一, 最近,BBC/AMC 24小时直播的FAST新闻频道宣布开播. Other legacy media news broadcasters, such as Scripps, Sinclair, Hearst, and USA Today, have also entered the FAST news space, many of them with a focus on local content. What are some of the current trends and challenges for FAST news delivery? In this article, several leading industry commentators provide insight.

The Most Demanded FAST Genre in 2024: News

2024 is the ultimate election year. A total of 91 countries—including the U.S., the U.K., India, and 27 European Union nations—will hold elections. In this context, 看到平台和新闻媒体精心策划他们的快速频道策略并不奇怪. The BBC News FAST channel launch was perfectly timed in that regard. BBC News is now available as a FAST channel on platforms like Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, Xumo Play, VIZIO, and more.

Review: BirdDog X1 20X PTZ Cam

安东尼·布罗卡斯介绍百家乐软件app最新版下载在新的X1 PTZ摄像头的全新鸟狗, 这款手机与过去的型号不同,采用了带有Wi-Fi天线的新设计, Halo Tally, AI Tracking, an industry-first e-ink display for confidence monitoring.

The State of Live Sports Streaming 2024

Live content is led by sports, 而球迷的胃口——就像对转播权的竞标一样——在日历进入2024年之际丝毫没有放缓的迹象.

The State of Video Monetization 2024

What does the future of streaming monetization look like? This post-Peak TV media ecosystem is a brave new world, and being able to find the content you want, with the price you want to pay, will likely keep consumers on their toes for years to come.

Streamticker: The Biggest Streaming Mergers & Acquisitions of 2023

当谈到流媒体行业的并购和M&2023年的电子商务市场,以及今年最重要的交易的会计, 在收盘时开盘是最有意义的:迪士尼在11月初宣布,将通过收购完成2019年大流行前启动的收购,将Hulu完全纳入其帝国.

The State of Video Codecs 2024

MPEG编解码器的爆发带来了VVC、LCEVC和EVC,距今已有3年多了. 而不是气喘吁吁地鼓吹每一个个位数的质量改进或设计胜利, I'll quickly get you up-to-speed on quality, playability, 并使用最常用的视频编解码器,然后探索新的编解码器相关的业务和技术的进步.

Buyers' Guide: Field Monitors, Monitor/Recorders, and Recorders

Strange as it seems, 除了摄像机之外,还有其他必要的生产工具在现场使用, microphones, and the switchers and encoders for live-switched streams. 从历史上看,现场监控器是奢侈品,大多数工作人员除了在高端拍摄时不会使用. 现场监视器以前稀缺的一个原因是,可以连接到摄像机的便携式CRT显示器价格昂贵,而且对于奔跑和射击的产品来说过于笨重. Until about 20 years ago, 甚至在专业设备上安装彩色取景器或彩色翻转取景器的想法都是痴人说梦.

Tutorial: Capturing Video over USB 3.0 with AJA U-TAP 3G-SDI and HDMI Devices

本教程解释了如何使用AJA U-TAP系列设备捕获高达1920x108060fps的全高清信号,并突出了macOS和Windows Zoom的OBS摄取

Q&答:Adtaxi的莫里·沃诺夫说,流媒体电视的水平已经超过了美国市场的80%.S. Adults in 2024

A new report by Adtaxi, one of the nation's fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, 显示,现在比以往任何时候都有更多的美国人默认将流媒体作为主要的观看内容来源. Murry Woronoff, Agency Director - Marketing Research and Consumer Insights at Adtaxi, 采访了流媒体的泰勒·内斯勒,了解了该报告的许多具体方面,以及随着流媒体行业的快速发展,调查结果揭示了流媒体的现状.

Buyers' Guide: Live Streaming Software

本文介绍了在制作实时切换视频时可以选择的12个选项:Boinx mimoLive, Broadcast Pix ChurchPix, Ecamm Live, ManyCam, OBS Studio, PRISM Live Studio, Vizrt TriCaster, Telestream Wirecast, vMix, Vimeo Livestream Studio, and XSplit Broadcaster

The State of Streaming Sustainability 2024

How do others see us, and how do we measure our progress? 有关流媒体功耗的新数据将促使行业进一步降低功耗,同时努力制定长期解决方案,将旧技术与当前最佳实践结合起来,以延长流媒体技术在未来几年的寿命.

How to Deploy GPAC for FFmpeg Packaging and ABR Distribution

As much as we love FFmpeg for transcoding op­erations, it can get frustrating when packag­ing your content for ABR delivery. By packag­ing, I mean formatting and segmenting your media files, creating manifest files for HLS and DASH, for­matting for CMAF, and managing multiple audio and subtitle streams. 幸运的是,有一些更容易使用的解决方案,它们同样是开源的,同样是免费的. 在本文中,我将重点介绍GPAC,它是一种很好的包装替代方案.

Welcome to FAST Times

《百家乐软件》让所有人都达成了共识:无论你是内容提供商,FAST都应该成为媒体组合的一部分, a broadcaster, or a distribution platform.

The State of Education Video 2024

2024年的教育视频是风暴前的平静还是风暴后的平静? With a pandemic in the rearview mirror, 在新常态下,企业规模的视频托管和管理服务能否以学校愿意承担的价格保持盈利,我们将面临一个十字路口. It's unlikely that we'll cross a point of no return this year, 但我建议密切关注一些迹象,这些迹象可能会减轻或加剧人们对学校在长期未来拥有一定程度的所有权和控制权所依赖的视频服务的担忧.

The State of Enterprise Video 2024


The State of Edge Compute and Delivery 2024

In this year's State of Edge Compute and Delivery, 我将探讨似乎对流媒体最重要的三个方面:聚合, on-prem, and regional.