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Is Live Streaming Stagnating? Give Us Your Feedback!

A new survey takes a critical look at the live-streaming ecosystem

Will Amazon and Dolby's Latest Acquisitions Accelerate VVC Deployment?


SMNYC: Four Debates, Two Topics, One Educational Day

On Monday, May 20, 纽约流媒体公司就两个主题举办了四场辩论,这代表了会议在节目制作方面的巨大胜利. 当天的前半部分专门讨论人工智能,涵盖了从作者身份到版权到隐私等所有主题. 当天的下半天,两个小组讨论了优质内容的定义, 社交媒体的价值,以及CTV如何与手机广告平台相抗衡的问题. Read on to get caught up.

SMNYC亮点:与Roku总裁Charlie Collier和媒体制图师Evan Shapiro的炉边聊天

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at Streaming Media NYC, media cartographer Evan Shapiro sat down with Charlie Collier, President of Roku Media and former President of AMC, 深入讨论Roku的发展和目前的主导地位, the #1 streaming TV platform in America. They talked about how Roku's UI brings "simplicity and delight" to their EPG, the ways that Roku collaborates with other platforms and publishers, 在流媒体时代,需要一个新的媒体生态系统来支持创造性的冒险.

SMNYC Keynote Highlights: Beat The BUZZR & Brand Vs. Retail

On Tuesday, May 21, at Streaming Media NYC, 上午的一系列主题演讲邀请了行业领军人物,涵盖了广泛的主题, 包括微软和弗里曼特尔如何将FAST游戏化,以及如何利用互动电视, and a lively debate about brand versus retail with Crackle, Uber Advertising, IAB, and Witz About Her.


On Monday, May 20, at Streaming Media NYC, 两场关于人工智能在媒体和娱乐领域的激烈辩论,展示了行业领军人物. The first, "AI: Boon Or Bubble?" examined the ways that AI has entered every sector of the media, business, and technology worlds, and it explored how much of AI's insurgency is a fad, and how much of it is the actual future of streaming. The second, "The Real Value Of Artificial Intelligence," explored the fearmongering around the idea that "AI is coming for our jobs," and focused on how AI/ML might make workflows more efficient and effective, grow or refine reach, and help to boost bottom lines.

Netflix Announces Plans to Take AdTech In-House at 2024 Upfronts

Following Disney, WarnerBros, Amazon, and YouTube with DIY approach, Netflix touts 40 million ad-supported subs, announces new in-house adtech platform targeting end of 2025 launch

Warner Bros. Discovery Showcases New Slate of Content Offerings, Ad Solutions, and Highly Regarded Talent at Annual Upfront Event

On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, Warner Bros. 探索频道(Discovery)在纽约麦迪逊广场花园举行了年度先期发布会. With the theme of "Make it Happen Here,《百家乐app下载》领导层强调了其在不断发展的媒体格局中的强大定位, 通过新的广告形式和复杂的广告和测量解决方案,为品牌提供优化的覆盖范围.

Olympics Rush to Streaming but Sports SVODs Need to Team Up to Compete

The Olympics will have a seismic impact on the U.S. 超过四分之一的SVOD用户注册了一项新的流媒体服务,只是为了在巴黎观看奥运会, according to new research.

SMNYC Sneak Preview: Marketing You & 与LPG edu, JustWatch, LinkedIn,派拉蒙和摩根搜索国际保持联系

On Monday, May 20, at Streaming Media NYC, Lori Greene, Founder of LPG edu, will moderate the panel "Marketing You & 探索推广你的品牌和网络的最佳方式. Confirmed panelists Karen Morgan of Morgan Search International, Andy Pondillo of LinkedIn, Dayo Harewood of Paramount Brand Studio, 和JustWatch的Sara Demenkoff将讨论如何在不交易的情况下扩大你的人际网络,以及为新业务建立客户的最佳方式.

UK Broadcasters Plot Managed Transition to Universal Access Streamed TV

UK broadcasters, including the BBC, 曾说过,通过空中传输电视在经济上已不再可行,并设想未来视频流将越来越依赖宽带网络. 在一份提交给英国政府的关于未来电视分销的综合报告中, 英国通信管理局(Ofcom)发现,整个行业普遍支持继续向所有人提供电视服务,但对如何实现这一目标没有共识. 阿德里安•彭宁顿(Adrian Pennington)列出了Ofcom概述的三大战略,以及实现这些战略所面临的挑战.

SMNYC Sneak Preview: CTV vs. 移动——与YumCrunch、Sling、Vevo、Telly和Totem的价值争论在哪里

On Monday, May 20, at Streaming Media NYC, YumCrunch的Mike Duffy将主持一场关于CTV vs . tv当前价值的辩论. Mobile. Confirmed panelists Kent Rees of Sling Freestream, Hedvig Arnet of Vevo, Dallas Lawrence of Telly, Totem的Steve Crombie将讨论如何识别代际和文化差异, how, 观众在哪里消费他们的内容,以及如何为每个平台制定用户体验和盈利策略, 同时找到每个领域的价值主张,以及在哪些关键内容类别中存在溢价, niche, and social factor into the equation.

Interview: IP Attorney Robert J.L. Moore Discusses Video Codec IP and Patent Monetization Issues

In this wide-ranging interview, 流媒体的Jan Ozer和Moore IP solutions的知识产权律师Robert Moore深入探讨了与视频编解码器知识产权问题和专利货币化相关的一些主题, two constantly moving targets.

SMNYC Sneak Preview: What is Premium Now Debate With 2E6E6, The Boxoffice Network, Totem Global, Team Whistle, and Quantum Media

On Monday, May 20, at Streaming Media NYC, 量子媒体协会的埃里卡·格鲁恩将主持一个讨论这一发明的小组, licensing, distribution, 以及付费内容的货币化,以及通过某种方式投资的投资回报率, with insights from Nathan Guetta of 2E6E6, Stan Ruszkowski of The Boxoffice Network, Steve Crombie of Totem Global, and Joe Caporoso of Team Whistle.

Why You Should Embrace Sustainability (But Not For The Reason You May Think)

为了真正产生影响,我们必须将可持续发展置于我们能够理解的环境中. It's hard, whether as individuals or businesses, 有时是为了把握气候变化的巨大概念,然后致力于“可持续发展努力”,作为产生影响的一种方式. But when there is context, 可持续发展的努力可以实现,而不必真正试图特别关注它们. Within the streaming industry, that context is power.

Vevo在IAB新前沿:FAST, CTV, OTT和程序化的短格式优化

On Thursday, May 2, Vevo, the world's leading music video network, presented "Watch More Music" at the 2024 IAB NewFronts. Topics covered included the challenges of achieving reach, recency, relevancy, and measurement in the current streaming ecosystem, the importance of brand safety and transparency in FAST, Vevo's continued expansion into the CTV space, 以及成为全球最大的程序化交易电视网络的雄心.

Fubo Unveils New Suite of CTV Ad Offerings During 2024 IAB NewFronts

Ad Units Represent Continued Innovation From a Company of Firsts

Introduction: Foundations of AI-Based Codec Development

To promote the understanding of AI codec development, Deep Render's CTO and Co-founder, Arsalan Zafar, 推出了一个名为“基于人工智能的编解码器开发基础:入门课程?." In a recent interview with Streaming Media Magazine, Zafar provided insights into the course's content, target audience, and expected outcomes.

Q&A: AI in Advertising With Rembrand’s Cory Treffiletti

Cory Treffiletti, CMO of Rembrand, 讨论了该公司对虚拟产品植入的程序化生成人工智能的创新使用, 以及人工智能在广告行业的发展速度,以及它颠覆传统媒体购买流程的方式.

Tubi and DAZN Announce Partnership for FAST Channel Launch in North America